How I Rate Games

The DARA Scale, Explained


Rating board games (like anything else) is obviously a very subjective endeavor. Just because I like  (or hate) a game doesn’t mean you will, too. So how can I communicate what I like about a game in a meaningful way that would be helpful to others in deciding whether they might like it? Enter the DARA scale! I rate all my games according to the following four points: Decisions, Artwork, Replayability, and Awesomeness.

  • Decisions. Decisions are what makes a game a game. A lack of poor decision options leads to boredom and frustration—Monopoly, anyone?—but a dynamic set of meaningful choices is the lifeblood of what makes a game fun.
  • Artwork. Well-executed visual designs add a lot to the gaming experience. Even the design of tokens and chips can lead to funny comments or even inside jokes, but a bland theme often makes a game feel less engaging and exciting.
  • Replayability. Is it the same game every time you play? If so, it’ll get stale soon and end up on the shelf. But a game with high replayability cheap jerseys is more likely to be a perennial favorite (not to mention a better investment of money!).
  • Awesomeness. This is obviously the most subjective measure of the DARA scale. When all is said and done, how awesome is this game? Did I enjoy it? Why or why not?

That’s how it works. Each DARA rating is completely subjective, but it helps me provide a standardized way of communicating with you why I think some games rock and others do not. Feel free to use it yourself if you find it helpful!

  • Decisions 100% 100%
  • Artwork 100% 100%
  • Replayability 100% 100%
  • Awesomeness 100% 100%