An Infectious New Card Game by Mike Costanzo

Contagious fun for 2-6 Players

Don’t look now, but the cutest viruses you’ve ever seen are are on the loose and trying to get you sick! Each turn you run the risk of becoming infected with more and more viruses. Collect too many and you might collapse, but collecting too few can make you a target for other players.

The player with the fewest types of viruses collected has a good chance of winning, but you can also collect points by making other players collapse and using Game-Changer cards. May the best (or luckiest) player win!

Action Cards Help Mix Things Up

As if the viruses themselves weren’t crazy enough, players can also draw Action cards that make special effects and combos possible. Protect yourself from infection with Latex Gloves or Facemasks, or infect others with Uncovered Cough or Special Infection cards.

Want to Get Your Hands On a Copy?

Due to my limited time resources, I’ve decided to make Achoo! The Viral Card Game a free print and play game on I’ll be sure to post the link here as soon as I can. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me with any questions using the form below.

Thanks in advance, and happy playing!

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